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Handmade mug rugs

Hello Guys,

I promised some pictures about things I’ve made for my partner in the ’12 days of Christmas’ held by Craftster. Here is one of my favorite: a cute lilac patchwork mug rug collection!

I think, these are pretty, I really liked them. 🙂

Handmade mug rugs

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Swap package – I fallen in love with these felt flowers

Hello Guys,


I’ve made a lovely package for someone, and I just couldn’t stop. I simply fallen in love with these beautiful felt flowers… It was a real pleasure to make these … an you can be sure: more to come!

Hand embroidered felt flower case

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Felt DALA horses

Hey Guys…


same swap package, same colors, new design… I really love these horses, I have started to fallin’ in love with the candinavian design.

So, here they are. If you want to know more about these cuties, here are the wiki site:



Hand embroidered felt dala horse Hand embroidered felt dala horse Hand embroidered felt dala horse Hand embroidered felt dala horse Hand embroidered felt dala horse


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Swap package – some crocheted anklets

Hello Guys,


I’ve made less swaps nowadays, but there is something what I can show you. Here are some anklets, what I’ve crocheted for someone – she asked it with black, and mainly with blue beads… or colorful ones. She asked kinda big ones, so I could use them as bracelet (wrapped 2 times :))

Here they are:

Black crocheted anklets Black crocheted anklets Black crocheted anklets

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Felt bookmarks – repro from Pinterest again

Hello Guys,

I’ve made another swap package with felt bookmarks, but these are in another style! 🙂 I saw these already on Pinterest, and always wanted to make some… so, here they are:


I love these and I am sure, I’ll make more… 🙂 In my style of course!


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Another swap package – with an item, what lost…

Hello Guys,

I wanted to claim someone again… in December, her package was lost, she never got her bracelet. (I have shown the picture about that bracelet, I really loved it, and it was a real pain to know that she won’t get it ever…) So… I was looking on Craftster if I could claim her again, and remake something similar to her… now, the time has arrived! 🙂

So, her new bracelet is here:

Hand embroidered felt bracelet Hand embroidered felt bracelet Hand embroidered felt bracelet

(The original was blue and green, but I didn’t wanted to make similar one)

I also sent her another stuffs, like crocheted bracelets and anklets, and a wire wrapped pendant:

Wire wrapped pendant Crocheted anklets and bracelets

… so … I am waiting her feedback 🙂