My jewelries are available at my shop again!

Hello Guys,

I haven’t made jewelries for a while, but I checked my collection, and updated my shop with them. Check it out, maybe you’ll find something 🙂

Felt jewelries by Grab a Coffee Felt jewelries by Grab a Coffee

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My creations in a shop

Hello Guys,

It was useful information only for the Hungarian readers (which I don’ have I guess :)), so I didn’t shared that some of my creations are available in a Hungarian shop named Bolhapalota, in Budapest. Why am I telling it to you now then? … Because I have a lot of challenges with that…

So.. it’s a flea market, there are a lot of stuff over there, what I am just calling ‘garbage’. You can rend some space there (a box, some shelves, etc), you are paying for that only, then you can put there any stuff you want – almost everything. There are a lot of artist jewelries there, handmade toys, etc.

I have decided to get a shelf there, and will put some things over there with my father, he is a collector of nice porcelain things. The shop is at a good place, there are a lot of people from foreign countries, so we are having there some folk crafts, and I’ve made some hair clips with the Hungarian colors:

Felt hairclips - Hungarian - or Italian :)) - colors
Felt hairclips – Hungarian – or Italian :)) – colors

After 3 days, we got robbed. The shop is not doing anything, they said, they cannot look after everything, they have a camera, but it’s mainly for them only – we cannot check it.

After some days, we get back, got robbed again, and had our first sale: a small vintage tablecloth sold for like 1USD (300 HUF).

Today, I called them, they said, they finally sold 5 things. Good news, I still don’t know, if we have missing something again, and me or my father sold those things, but that’s some sign.

So, the main question is: I know that every country has differentiation, but do you have the same problems? What can you do?

Here are some – bad – pictures from our shelf, to have a closer look, what am I talking about: