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Denim projects – old jeans crafts again

Hello Guys,

I know, most of you are still coming to my blog to get some inspiration about repruposed jeans crafts, so here they are. Another set of inspiration… Unfortunately these are not my work, but I’ll try to find some time to try at least one of them… I already have like 4-5 big boxes of unused jeans stuff… 🙂

  1. Book cover
    It can be a real book, or e-book… I just love this design. The pocket is a big plus. Tutorial (and picture) source:
  2. Wall organizers
    I like almost all of them, so it’s hard to choose…
    repurposed denim wall organizer by redoityourself inspirations
    Nice way to use all pockets, right? Source:
    Another one (I like this much more):
    … and this is great as well:
  3. The most beautiful denim bag I have ever seen!
  4. Fish!
  5. Mini-monsters


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Recycled denim inspiration for those, who has a lot of denim scraps

Hello Guys,

I have a huge amount of small denim scraps, and I’ll create some ornaments with those for my shop. But… for inspiration, I’ve collected some awesome ideas for you!

1. If you have a lot of scraps with pockets, do a small zippered pouch with 2 of them:

2. Another use for the pockets: a denim Wall Organizer:

Re-purposed Denim Wall Organizer Submitted

3. a DIY idea for re-using the pockets. a cute table-setting: (tutorial here:
picnic table setting

4. amazingly created pillow cover (from

diy denim pillow cover

5. Denim and burlap garland with lightning 8tutorial:

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Recycled denim inspiration for those, who want to create HUGE, awesome things!

Yesterday, I dig into the Pinterest boards, and found a lot of useful tutorials, and inspirational photos about what can you do with your old jeans. Then.. I found these:

So? What do you think? 😀

(I hope, my next post will show some of my new work – but those will be more simple! :))

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Had some time again … :)

Yesterday, we have a day off at my husband’s mother, so she is playing with my son, and we have some time to lay down a bit. I created a lot of new things, and finished some others too. I fallen in love in the felt-denim brooch, so I will make a lot more of that. I think, I am in the way to find my style 🙂

So, here are the older ones, a purple and a pink one:

Purple hand embroidered felt pendant
Purple hand embroidered felt pendant
Pink-grey hand embroidered felt pendant
Pink-grey hand embroidered felt pendant

Then, I have found some scraps from my “sunshine” set:

Yellow-green hand embroidered felt earrings
Yellow-green hand embroidered felt earrings
Yellow-green hand embroidered felt pendant
Yellow-green hand embroidered felt pendant

Then… here are my newest ones; my favorite is the blue-grey one, because it’s from my old jeans – I really like the look of this one. 🙂 Which is your favorite?

I have started to upload them to my shop 🙂

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Silence …

Hello Guys

sorry for the big silence, I had a lot of things to do (had to organize all of my official papers, as I was looking for some old bills or something… got huuuge bill, and I have to stand out for myself.) So… no creative life for me, just running for my things. 😦

What to blog then? … I organized my computer as well, and found some old pictures, some old books, and a lot of inspirational photos. First, I wanted to share with you some ideas, what can you make from old jeans! Here they are:

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A jewelry box…

Yesss, I have bought some stuff for making Christmas presents! Here is a simple box:

wood box

… I’ve added some wood embellishements, painted it, and flittered, so the final version of this box is here:

… and a closer look, what is inside:

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Blanket from my old jeans – working progress

So… first of all, I have collected a lot of jeans, mainly from my old ones, here are the half of them:

I have bought a fabric for the back side of the blanket, and I will probably make some pillows with that as well… Now, I only have to decide the size of the whole thing, and the pattern… 🙂 Easy…

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Plans: blanket from my old jeans

I have a lot of old jeans, and I’ve asked the family to give me theirs as well, so I had to start thinking about the use of them. I’ve collected a lot of ideas, and I think, I will make something like this (without any other type of fabric added):

I want to change a bit in that, because I think, it’s better if the lines are matching (I mean, every line is same size), but I will see, how it looks like.

My sewing machine was broken by my son, my dad fixed it now, but I have to wait a bit with that (bah!), so, this project stats tomorrow, and I hope, I’ll finish by the end of the year. Then, I’ll make some pillows (a big one for our reading nest, and a lot of small ones), and a big basket for my yarns (with the pockets from my old jeans). :))

I’ll post the steps what I take. 🙂