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Felt garlands are uploaded to my shop

Hi Guys,


I have created a lot of stars, hearts and clouds – uploaded them all to my shop! Check it out here:


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Felt Dinosaurs

Hi all,

today, I would like to show you some dinosaurs. it was a special gift for my son last year, and he keep asking me to create new colors. As my customers – they are always asking me special orders – and it looks like this stegosaurus is the favorite.

What you think? Do you like it?

Felt dinosaur ornaments
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I have moved…

Hello Guys,


sorry for being so silent – I have moved to a new house with my family, and I took most of my time! I closed my shops as well for a week or so, and I couldn’t find time to sew… I am working now on some custom order, what I’ll share with you soon…

So, now, back to work 🙂


Until that – here are my favorite pieces of my home 🙂

favorite things in our new home