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Colorful felt birds

Helloo Guys,


okay, I know, too much jewelries here… so, let’s speak about ornaments… I think, I don’t have to make much Christmas ornaments, so let’s see some colors this time… What about these amazing Spring birds?

Colorful felt birds

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Another christmas gift, what was missing from my list

I have made some pictures about some christmas gifts what I’ve made. First of all, here is a mobile case, which was made for my mom.

The story of that is: while we were in Seattle, I decided to make a mobil case for my mom, but during that time, her old mobile went down, and she needed a new one. She bought one (a really-really bad one anyway, if I would be there…), but when I was asked, what type did se buy, she said, she don’t know, she only know, that it’s working like mine (so it has to be an Android mobile). So… I didn’t know the size of the phone… I have made a big mobile case then (it was not a problem, my mom likes it anyway!)

Here are the pictures:

Felt phone case with flowers
Felt phone case with flowers
Felt phone case with flowers
Felt phone case with flowers
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A jewelry box…

Yesss, I have bought some stuff for making Christmas presents! Here is a simple box:

wood box

… I’ve added some wood embellishements, painted it, and flittered, so the final version of this box is here:

… and a closer look, what is inside: