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Denim projects – old jeans crafts again

Hello Guys,

I know, most of you are still coming to my blog to get some inspiration about repruposed jeans crafts, so here they are. Another set of inspiration… Unfortunately these are not my work, but I’ll try to find some time to try at least one of them… I already have like 4-5 big boxes of unused jeans stuff… 🙂

  1. Book cover
    It can be a real book, or e-book… I just love this design. The pocket is a big plus. Tutorial (and picture) source:
  2. Wall organizers
    I like almost all of them, so it’s hard to choose…
    repurposed denim wall organizer by redoityourself inspirations
    Nice way to use all pockets, right? Source:
    Another one (I like this much more):
    … and this is great as well:
  3. The most beautiful denim bag I have ever seen!
  4. Fish!
  5. Mini-monsters


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DIY ideas for recycled denim – for the strings …

Hello Guys,

I still have too much recycled denim, and as I never trash any fabric, I have a lot of small scraps and strings as well… So, here are an inspirational board for the strings!

– So, one of my favorite is the braid… you can use it as a hairband, or as a belt… it’s simply cool, and easy to make (

denim braid
– If you can crochet, you have to make this lovely denim rug. 🙂 Tutorial here:

denim rug

– or are you a knitter? Oh, well… (
knitted denim pillow cover
– Cute little denim beads – you can use these anywhare (


– And if you are crazy as hell, you can start to make something like this (

denim quilt

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Recycled denim inspiration for those, who has a lot of denim scraps

Hello Guys,

I have a huge amount of small denim scraps, and I’ll create some ornaments with those for my shop. But… for inspiration, I’ve collected some awesome ideas for you!

1. If you have a lot of scraps with pockets, do a small zippered pouch with 2 of them:

2. Another use for the pockets: a denim Wall Organizer:

Re-purposed Denim Wall Organizer Submitted

3. a DIY idea for re-using the pockets. a cute table-setting: (tutorial here:
picnic table setting

4. amazingly created pillow cover (from

diy denim pillow cover

5. Denim and burlap garland with lightning 8tutorial:

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Recycled denim inspiration for those, who has a lot of denim strings

Hello Guys,

i am always looking for denim DIY ideas, as I have a lot of old jeans… now, I wanted to collect some ideas for the long, thick scraps. here they are, I hope, you can find some cool stuff! 🙂

1.: My favourite, a bangle with denim scraps:


2: denim coasters:


3: A  nice denim bracelet again – now with beads:


4: Make some braid for headbands, buckle, etc:


5: A cool bag: crochet it!

6: Denim rug:


7: Nice ‘cup’ with braided jeans stips:


8: Braided denim rug:


9: nice denim handbag – not as hard as it looks like:


10: Amazing denim bracelet again:


11: Recycled denim basket:


12: Denim scraps pillow:




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Another denim pillow

Hello Guys,


do you think, I am not crafting while I am filling my shop with jewelry? Of course I do. My plan is to change the old, bad looking small pillows to new ones. I am not saying that new ones are much better, but we can say, they are matching together. Let’s see, what I am talking about:

Here is an old small pillow, what I’ve made for myself like 15 years ago, when I started to learn sewing.

Old applique pillow


Okay, so it had to die! 🙂 Then, here is my new one:

New denim applique pillow


… and look at this, when it’s “used”:

Handmade denim pillows


… so: more to come 🙂

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Excuse me for the mess…

… my son making memories…

Hmmm… here is his room after a long playful day:

Now, you can wonder, why am I having some crafty stuff for him on my project list… I have made already 4 denim pillows from my old jeans, so after I packed everything back to their home, here are our reading nook:

Denim patchwork pillows Denim patchwork pillows Denim patchwork pillows


(sorry for the bad pictures, my son always wanted to steal my camera, so I had to be quick :))

Some of the other pillows will be use for the same way soon…


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Another set of denim bracelet

Hello Guys,


I have ordered some resin cabochons, and didn’t know exactly what to do with them. I wanted to try some new stuff, but I didn’t know, what is coming out from those.

I have made some new denim bracelets (you can find my tutorial about that here). If you don’t want to DIY, you can buy mine at my shop.

Handmade denim bracelet
Handmade denim bracelet
Handmade denim bracelet
Handmade denim bracelet
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Recycled denim inspiration for those, who want to create HUGE, awesome things!

Yesterday, I dig into the Pinterest boards, and found a lot of useful tutorials, and inspirational photos about what can you do with your old jeans. Then.. I found these:

So? What do you think? 😀

(I hope, my next post will show some of my new work – but those will be more simple! :))

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Home projects with a huge inspiration

Hello Guys,

Last time, when I’ve checked my project list, I realized that there are a lot of items, what I should work on already. One of these is my son’s room. Actually, I hate that room, and as we would like to move to a house soon, we don’t want to pay too much for renovation and furniture. The base shape of this room is silly (have like 8 corners) no windows, only at the top (our flat is a studio-apartement, so our main windows are at the ceiling). It’s a bit cold…

The first thing what I have to do, is to throw out a bookcase (to the anteroom, or just trash it, did not decided yet). Then I hope, we will trash soon our changing table as well, that can be put off from the other bookcase – that bookcase contains 4 plastic boxes with all of his toys. That has to be changed as well, my son always spilling his toys out. … Then, we have some space.


So, first of all, he needs a new bed. But… with the small spaces and silly corners, we cannot buy an ‘ikea’, or any other type of bed, and we don’t want to pay too much for it. So, here is the deal:

He will get 3 big pillows (same size, from jeans fabric ofc):

During the day, we can use them separately, but for the night, they will collapse to one longer bed (between the walls, then it cannot slip).

Then… I have to create some pillows – we have a lot of pillows already, but all of them are different sizes, different fabrics, different colors. Most of them are too old for a kid’s room. I have to renew then. There are a lot of ideas on Pinterest, here are some ideas:
















… some letters will be created too:


… these were, which can be imagined in my son’s room. Let’s see some other inspiration for those, who want to create (or buy) something more… ehm … difficult? 🙂












… simply awesome! 🙂

Then I have to make some simple boxes, where he can put his toys:










… that’s all for today. If it wasn’t enough for you, tomorrow, I’ll put up some fantastic inspirational pictures, what can you do with your old – recycled – jeans! Let’s go, and sew something!