The Good Neighbor Awards nomination

Hello Guys,

Some days ago, I’ve got excited news: I was nominated to ‘good neighbor awards’! On one of my reader (hmmm… had to think about what to write here… can I say ‘friend’?…), Katherine from has made a cute award thing: she is blogging for 2 years, and wanted to share the anniversary with other crafty bloggers in a unique way: she asked her readers to nominate blogs, who could be an awesome neighbor, and why? I am so happy I was nominated by someone, the whole list of nominates is awesome, I spent 2 days of reading their posts! You have to check it out here: !

(it would be awesome to live in a real neighborhood with these crafty people, I won’t feel alone never ever! :))

Thanks a lot, Katherine!


(Sorry for the late news, the whole family is sick here… 😦 )