Unicorn keychain

Hi all,

A Pony for today – it was a custom request from an Etsy store owner. Michelle was looking for a unicorn, based on her logo. She asked me to surprise her … and she liked it 🙂 What about you? :)) (Her shop is here anyway, go and check it:https://www.etsy.com/shop/unicorncrush)

Felt Unicorn keychain 04

Felt heart ornaments with flower embroidery

Hello Guys,

I am making these hearts for a while… some of these color combinations are old, some of them are new… Which one is your favorite? 🙂

DSC_0255-001 DSC_0258 DSC_0260 Black and white felt hearts with flower embroidery 04



Felt heart ornaments with embroidery - big pack  - facebook 1

Denim projects – old jeans crafts again

Hello Guys,

I know, most of you are still coming to my blog to get some inspiration about repruposed jeans crafts, so here they are. Another set of inspiration… Unfortunately these are not my work, but I’ll try to find some time to try at least one of them… I already have like 4-5 big boxes of unused jeans stuff… 🙂

  1. Book cover
    It can be a real book, or e-book… I just love this design. The pocket is a big plus. Tutorial (and picture) source: http://helloglow.co/recycled-jean-diy-e-reader-cover/
  2. Wall organizers
    I like almost all of them, so it’s hard to choose…
    repurposed denim wall organizer by redoityourself inspirations
    Nice way to use all pockets, right? Source: http://redoityourselfinspirations.blogspot.hu/2015/10/diy-repurposed-denim-wall-organizer.html
    Another one (I like this much more):
    Source: https://craftsncoffee.com/2011/08/26/repurpose-old-jeans-to-make-a-bulletin-board-pencil-cube-and-an-update-on-the-giveaways/
    … and this is great as well:
    Source: http://www.allfreecrafts.com/recycling/denim/denim-organizer/
  3. The most beautiful denim bag I have ever seen!
    source: http://judith-justjude.blogspot.hu/2015/08/denim-applique-bag.html
  4. Fish!
    Source: https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/vintage-with-laces-2650985/upcycled-denim-fish-published-in-greencraft-4510317295
  5. Mini-monsters
    Source: http://lolas-favorites.blogspot.hu/


New house

Well… time to show you my new house … of course, not a real one, but a felt house ornament… but I hope you’ll like it.

I’ll make some houses, but these won’t be the same, so only one available per design 🙂 This is the first one – available in my Etsy store


Felt house ornament 05

White mini-hearts

Yeah, mini-minis again… but we are in the middle of the Wedding Season, so I have to mention something, what you cannot see at every corner. What about some cute little felt hearts? These are lightweights, so you can even throw them up with rise or something… I love to make these, and I have several of these in our house… just to cheer ourself up 🙂

White hearts in composition 05 Hearts Random hearts in composition 02

More mini-ornaments … .)

Hi All,

I know you liked my mini-owls, so here are some more cuties I’ve made for my customers, who wanted to get mini-things for their mini-trees 🙂

Mini felt elephant ornaments 011 Mini felt hedgehog pin 01 Little felt puppy 01 Mini felt cat ornaments 4 Mini felt elephant ornaments 04

Mini felt owl ornaments


I just love these ornaments, and when I organized my boxes with ready-to-ship things, I just found a lot of these… Am I the only one who fell in love with these? 😦

Mini owl ornaments in any colors 04 Mini owl ornaments in any colors 01 Mini felt owl ornament 05