Felt Star Wars ornaments

Hello Guys,


I am still working on the robots, but I have some Star Wars inspired felt ornaments already. What do you think? Do you like them? 🙂

Felt Star Wars ornaments

Felt Star Wars ornaments

Little wolves

Hey Guys,


this is one of my favorite new design: my freind asked me to make little wolves for her baby, so I had to start with something… I made sleepy and simple wolf also, you can check them in my shop.

Do you like them?

Small felt wolves 01

Wedding favors, decorations, or anything … aka white hearts :)

Hi all,


I am working on some wedding decoration, here are the most simple white hearts:

Simple white heart ornaments 02 Simple white heart ornaments 04

Felt bird ornaments

Well… I think, I’ve made quite a few tries on these… and I still love to choose another colors…

FB White and grey bird ornament FB - Colorful birds white and red bird ornament set 04 black and pink bird ornament 2 Felt white-pink bird with stripes - 05 Felt birds - blue and white 04 Felt bird ornaments - red and white 2 Felt bird ornaments - orange and white 2 Colorful bird ornaments 3