Inspired by Star Wars

Hello Guys,


I am getting customer orders, and one of my most exciting ask in the last few months was if I can make Yoda and Vader from felt… Of course I’ve tried, and here are the latest ones:

FB - Darth Vader and Yoda 1


So? What you think?

Hearts – hearts – hearts

Hello Guys,


I’ve made these cuties a while ago, but I cannot be bored with these colors… what do you think? πŸ™‚

Brown and gold heart ornaments 06 White brown and gold heart ornament pack 01 White brown and gold heart ornaments 12

Felt pony

Hi all,


I’ve checked my shop analytic, and realized that people are looking for ponies or horses, but did not bought any of them… so I made some new design..


Felt pony ornament 001 Felt pony ornament 002