Hello Guys,

I can see all over the internet, that people are trying to make my design too, so I have started to work on some tutorials. Those are not available yet, but I already decided, what will be the first thing, what you can make by me. Here are they:

Felt owl ornaments Felt owl ornaments Felt owl ornaments

Beautiful felt Christmas tree ornament

Hello Guys,


I always wanted to make some beautiful Christmas trees, so here is the latest one… a nice snowy one… white tree for the ones, whose are dreaming about white Christmas!

Do you like it?


White Christmas tree ornament with snow - 09 White Christmas tree ornament with snow - 01 White Christmas tree ornament with snow - 03

A beautiful felt jewelry set

Hello Guys,


I had some bad days last week… somehow nothing worked, I did everything wrong, made mistakes, and at the end, I crashed my hubby’s phone… bad things happens, that’s okay, we only have to get over it. It really took me some days to step forward… but on these days, you know, there should be some good thing to born… here is something I’ve made… I think, it came out nice:

Felt flowers necklace - black - 01 Felt flowers earrings - black - 01 Felt flowers necklace and earrings - black - 03 Felt flowers necklace - black - 08

Felt sheep keychain – in crazy color

Hello Guys,

Sometimes I just need some color bomb in my life… that was happened last week too, when I decided to not making more black and white sheep, but pink ones… Cutie, isn’t she? 🙂

Felt sheep keychains - pink 04 Felt sheep keychains - pink 01