Another custom order…

… a super-cute felt turtle! I soooo love it!

Felt turtle ornament 1 Felt turtle ornament 4

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Custom order … a felt pony

Hello Guys,

sometimes it happens that someone orders something, and asks another thing, what I never made… Here is a new ornament, a cute felt pony. Someone asked some ornaments, and asked me, if I could try to make one… I have tried several patterns (several means, I have like 10 creep horses now :)), and this is the best one I think. She liked it 🙂 And you?

Felt Pony ornament 05

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My felt Flowers in Doodles – Ducky Doodles

I am feeling proud, and I would like to share with you, why.
Some weeks ago a fellow blogger asked me if she can do a drawing inspired by my felt flowers? Of course, I said yes, and look at this!

My felt Flowers in Doodles - Ducky Doodles

I love her art, and these flowers are amazing! Check out her blog here, she is making beautiful things: http://duckydoodles.com/2014/10/01/inspiration-from-my-fellow-bloggers/
Thanks a lot, Megan!