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Gifts for kids – felt key holders

Hello guys,

My mother-in-law asked me to make ‘some’ key holders for the kids in Kindergarten – 15 owls and 15 birds. Here they are:

Felt owls - key chains Felt owls - key chains Felt birds - key chains Felt birds - key chains


I don’t have any of these left, but I’ll do some key holders, which will be available soon in my shop

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Can I have a question?

Hello guys,


I’ve made a poll last year, and I’d like to redo it. Could you please give me some throughs? You can choose up to 3 things.

Thanks a lot!

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New embroidered felt hearts

Hello Guys,


I still don’t have much time, so I just made 2 hearts with an old design, but in new colors… thinking about 4th of July… 🙂

What you think? Would you use them as your home decor? 🙂

Hand embroidered felt heart


These are available in my Etsy shop 🙂

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Gifts from a teacher

Hello guys,


In the Hungarian education system we are using a five-point scale at schools. There is one failing grade: 1 – elégtelen (insufficient). In general, the lowest passing mark is either 50% or 60%, or one mark (point) higher. Passing grades are 2 – elégséges (sufficient or pass), 3 – közepes (mediocre or satisfactory), 4 –  (good) and 5 – jeles (excellent). Sometimes “5*”, five starred (“csillagos ötös”) is used to indicate outstanding performance throughout the semester. My mother is a teacher, and she was wondering, what could she give to her graduates. She decided that she will hand out some ‘five starred’ keychains… 🙂 So I had to make like 40 of them.

Hand embroidered felt keychains Hand embroidered felt keychains Hand embroidered felt keychains Hand embroidered felt keychains


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Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Hello guys,


I don’t want to make any clever or sentimental post today, just sharing an idea what came to my mind, and made it happen with my son!

I had some wooden discs, and I thought, it would be so fun to ask him to paint them for the grandmas and for me. Look at he is working:

My 3 years old son is painting


… and the result is simply awesome:

painted wooden disks


We used acrylic paint, and glitter. That’s all! Here are the pictures from the closer look:

DSCN0828 DSCN0832 DSCN0838


(And here is mine, where I show him, how to do it):



So… my 3 years old son is an artist, isn’t he? :))

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FACEBOOK GIVEAWAY – Win a beautiful felt bracelet with small purple flowers

Hello Guys,


Well… I have reached another big milestone, so it’s GIVEAWAY TIME! I have reached 1,500 fans on Facebook. I thank you all for your continued support and interest in my work – with this felt jewelry:

Felt bracelet with small purple flowers Felt bracelet with small purple flowers
You can win this beautiful wool felt bracelet. All you have to do is:
Share this picture from my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=440186652783467&set=a.340525386082928.1073741829.336813389787461&type=1&theater), and like my page (if you did not do it yet).
I’ll announce the winner in 16th of May.

Big thanks to all of you that have been with me since the beginning and those of you we have picked up along the way – here in the blog too!
Good luck to all!