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Recycled denim inspiration for those, who has a lot of denim strings

Hello Guys,

i am always looking for denim DIY ideas, as I have a lot of old jeans… now, I wanted to collect some ideas for the long, thick scraps. here they are, I hope, you can find some cool stuff! 🙂

1.: My favourite, a bangle with denim scraps:


2: denim coasters:


3: A  nice denim bracelet again – now with beads:


4: Make some braid for headbands, buckle, etc:


5: A cool bag: crochet it!

6: Denim rug:


7: Nice ‘cup’ with braided jeans stips:


8: Braided denim rug:


9: nice denim handbag – not as hard as it looks like:


10: Amazing denim bracelet again:


11: Recycled denim basket:


12: Denim scraps pillow:





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