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One big resolution for this year

Hello Guys,

Last year, I started with a 50 project list, what I wanted to make, and… let’s say, I am failed. There were a lot of things, what came out, and of course, when I checked my list, I always felt, I don’t want to do this or that right now… This year, I’ll do differently.

I’ve a lot of fabric. I had big plans – and one of them is still: I would like to finish my costume designer classes. But still… there are way to much fabric for this little flat. Most of those are hided to our bed’s storage, but I’ve made 4 boxes with the smaller scraps, and one big stash with the jeans and the beige fabric (like 15 meters).

Boxes of fabric scraps Boxes of fabric scraps

My resolution is: 2 boxes less by the end of the year. 🙂

So, you can give me ideas, what to do with those fabrics. I am starting with some mug rugs for a swap partner, but I am open for almost anything. I would like to make gifts for others, and some stuffs for my shop ofc, and just keep in mind: I am not that good with my sewing machine – yet! 🙂 Any ideas?



4 thoughts on “One big resolution for this year

    1. Wow, thanks a lot for your comment!
      There is a ‘FOLLOW BLOG VIA EMAIL’ section at the right side of the page, you can subscribe there. I don’t have any other e-newsletter service … yet … just started planning something like that, I’ll let you know as soon as I am ready with that 🙂
      Until that, you can find me here, on Etsy and on Facebook. (On Facebook, there is a Giveaway, so let’s start there :))

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