Swap package – sewn mug rugs

Hello Guys,

So… here we are. my first official project with my huge fabric stash! I never made mug rugs before, so I had to start with an easy design: it’s a simple black cotton fabric with a patchwork-applique-line. I like how it turned out:

Handmade mug rugs Handmade mug rugs

Also, I had to make felt ornaments too: penguins inspired from Pinterest (she pinned these, so I wanted to make similar ones):

Handmade felt penguin ornaments

And I’ve made a dog ornament for her too (I haven’t decided if I like it that as much to upload it to my shop… maybe a few more tries…)

Felt dog ornament

I hope, she likes everything 🙂

Felt bracelet with tiny flowers

Hello Guys,

My new work is here: I really love to make these type of jewelry – it reminds me that Spring is almost here! Cutting these tiny flowers by hand is really hard work, and it takes ages, but I think, it worth…

Handmade felt bracelet with flowers Handmade felt bracelet with flowers Handmade felt bracelet with flowers


It’s already in my shop… I might will make necklace and brooch too… 🙂

Fabric things – de-stash

Hello Guys,

some posts earlier I uploaded some pictures about my fabrics, and my big wish to use up all of them. I had to make some mug rugs as a claim (which are not arrived yet, so you won’t see my creations in my post), and my mom wanted to make some for her friends too… We had to figure out a lot of things, like sizes, what to put inside, and what design should we use… My mom’s first work was this:

Handmade mug rug


Well.. wasn’t perfect… so she tried some other applique design:

Handmade mug rug Handmade mug rug Handmade mug rug Handmade mug rug Handmade mug rug


So… I think, we finally figured out, how to make them… I’ll show you my design too – as soon as my swap partner will get it 🙂


Felt Easter bunnies

Hello Guys,


I’ve started to be prepare for the next big thing. Easter is here in 2 months! 🙂 I’ve made some bunnies – decided to use all of the colors I have, so here they are:

Handmade felt bunnies Handmade felt bunnies Handmade felt bunnies Handmade felt bunnies

You can order them by color, or you can choose a set – all of them are ready in my shop!

Felt ornaments for an advent calendar

Hello Guys,

after Christmas, some people still asked me to make Christmas ornaments for next year. I’ve made a lot of hearts, reindeers and cats, but there were someone who asked a whole set: she said, she fed up with the chocolate-filled advent calendars, and she would like to order 25 separate ornaments for her little girls – in white and pink. Here are the full set:

Felt Christmas ornaments - felt advent calendar


There are several new designs – some of them are available in my shop already (e.g. penguin or sheep), but most of them are still waiting for upload in another color set too… I just have to go out and buy some new felt: almost gone all of my white felt fabrics :)). The whole set is available too – in this color, or any other color combination too.

A package, what lost …

Hello Guys,


Finally I’ve found the pictures of a cute set I’ve made:

Handmade felt bracelet and pendant


The story of this set is: someone asked me to make something like this… She said, she would like to have a bracelet in ‘Grab a coffee – style’ in blue and green. She sent me a picture of a crocheted bracelet, what she likes, and I’ve got the measurements too. Then… 10-12 hours later I’ve finished with this.

Well… the end of the story is bad: I’ve sent it like 3 months ago, but she did not get the package. 😦 I haven’t got any information from the post office yet, but I am sure, someone wears it… 😦

Anyway… I still like it, it’s one of my favorite work…