Another swap package – mainly with polymer clay jewelries

Hello Guys,

I have less time … I think, I started with this a lot of posts in the last few months … but seriously … I’ve started working again in the office, have some orders, and making a lot of swap packages … and I think, only the swap items are good (or lets say: NEW) enough to post some pictures about! 🙂

So, here are some polymer clay earrings, made for someone, who really like the simple, minimal design:

Polymer clay rings Polymer clay jewelries Polymer clay jewelries


and some wire wrapped things … and a felt one …. 🙂

And old swap package with handmade cards

Hi all,

I had some difficulties with the US post office last year, but it seams, most of my items has arrived … mainly not in time, but … still …

One of my package was arrived in 40 days (it should be 8 working days anyway…), with these handmade postcards:

Yea… you know what I mean with ‘not in time…’ :)))


Okay, I really don’t know how is this not coming to my mind earlier. I have a big stash of felt scraps, and always wondered, what the hell I will do with those… then… I realized: what people do with small fabric scraps?! … Of course they’ll do patchwork!

So, here is the first one of my new product line! I love it already, but I’ll do smaller ones I think…

Felt brooch - patchwork style Felt brooch - patchwork style


Do you like it?

Felt owl

Hello Guys,

I don’t know, how and why it’s started, but people think, that owls are cute… I am not sure about this, but as I saw several owl ornaments/brooches/other creations, I’ve started to feel love about them. So… I made earlier some hair clips, but I really had to try to make some own ornaments too… They are soon to be ready in my shop!

Felt owl ornament Felt owl ornament

The last order from 2013

Hello Guys,


I wanted to share with you the last order package from 2013. I’ve made felt birds and hearts for a baby mobile – for someone, who will born in February. The colors are from the future parent’s duvet… the package on the way, I hope, they’ll like it… what do you think? 🙂

Handmade felt birds and hearts

A swap package – charger pockets

Hello Guys,

I’ve made some charger pockets, inspired by this picture:

You’ll see my process – the first two was made with an acrylic felt base, and fabric pocket and fabric background…

Charger pockets

Charger pockets

Charger pockets

Then … when I’ve seen the results, I’ decided to not use my sewing machine, as my hand stitching is much better…

Charger pockets

Charger pockets

I am kinda okay with the latest one, but I’ll make some background to these aswell. These were swap packages, but I’ll do some for sale soon! Just has to find some time for that…