Project list – I am failed!

Hello Guys,   so, this is the end of the year, and look – I am failed! Only a few things was made during the year, and I didn’t made half of them… but let’s see, where am I right now?

  1. the black pants
  2. the brown shirt
  3. finish my white crocheted pullover
  4. I have embroidered a tablecloth, I need some borders on it.
  5. Finish my crocheted hat (before this summer) – already failed lol
  6. Paint the jewelry box for my mother-in-law
  7. Sew a big ‘rug’ for the little one, where he can play
  8. Let’s make a zippered pouch for my crayons
  9. Sew some pillows for him (denim patchwork) (4/4 done)
  10. Make some letters with felt – with his name – started
  11. Create a nice a book holder for all of his papers (hospital things, x-rays, etc
  12. Create 4 baskets for his toys (denim)
  13. Make my California scrapbook
  14. Get a place for the clothes, threads, etc… for all my crafting things. Probably it has to be a big bag
  15. Sew myself at least 3 tunics (0/3)
  16. Sew myself a LBD (little black dress)
  17. Sew 3 skirts for myself (0/3)
  18. I want to get at least 20 drawing projects done (1/20)
  19. Post a work on any craft challenge – I am changing it to: Sign for any craft SWAP thing – and it’s done
  20. Cook 20 new recipes (20/20)
  21. Organize my recipes, make an own cookbook
  22. Crochet some flowers, what I can wear – I’ve got some from someone else
  23. Create a big bedspread for ourself (patchwork/applique)
  24. A crocheted bag for my mother’s mobile
  25. At least 10 reusable grocery bags for me and my family members (4/10)
  26. Laptop case/cover – > created for a swap partner, will post pictures soon
  27. Create some ‘Hungarian style’ necklaces –> it was a felt one, but that’s count!
  28. Write a tutorial
  29. Sew a patchwork/applique style tabletop
  30. Sew some cushions for desk chairs in the weekend house
  31. Make 5 projects from my Burda magazines (1/5)
  32. Make 100 items to my shop – and sell something! (100/100 made, 1/1 sold)
  33. I want to make a family tree for my mom, as she will be 65 years old in this spring! – won’t do because someone just passed! 😦
  34. Let’s make some bracelets from felt as well! 
  35. sew some flourish Red-Orange-Yellow-Violet pillows and a blanket for my parents (I think, this will be their 2014 Christmas present)
  36. I have started an embroidered tablecloth for my parents for Christmas – I will do my best to do it in time – I mean, in 2012 –> 2014 then :(
  37. sew a snake for my son – got it from a claim
  38. sew a bag for the car to hold the baby toys there
  39. sew a kitty-style something for my friend, Detty
  40. sew a Sunflower bag for my godmother
  41. sew some toys (probably a dog, or something) for the babies around – got some as a claim
  42. Christmas stockings for our-self, and for our friends
  43. create some gift boxes for Christmas, or at least a nice gift wrapping
  44. Create some polimer clay jewelries for family members
  45. Create the dragons for my friends (polymer clay too)
  46. Paint some cups (3/3)
  47. Make a Christmas tree, or any ornaments. I don’t want to kill any more trees. .( –> 2013 then, decided to make a ‘real Christmas’ to my son!) Ornaments done
  48. Create a quilt project with my friends and followers (if there will be any): make something together.
  49. Create a definitive list for the presents (will upload it here, and track it) – i am not sure, if i want to track that here, because some of my friends are reading my posts.
  50. … And the bonus: Loose 4 kgs (2/4)


24 / 50, if I am counting right – with a lot of help! But no problem, I’ve made a lot of things, what wasn’t on my list, and those might be even better, than I thought before. So… let’s do this differently next year! More info tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Project list – I am failed!

  1. I love your list. So many things ticked off it and as you said so many more things that didn’t even make the list you were able to make. Good luck with ticking more off in 2014

  2. Thank you! I’ll do a bit different list, and I hope, you’ll like that one too! 🙂 It might do as inspiration to you too! 🙂
    Happy New Year! 🙂

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