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Thoughts about the Hungarian design/flea market…

Hello guys,

My online store is getting known, and I’ve got some orders every week – however people are buying ornaments only. I have collected some nice Christmas gifts too with trading with other shops, so I really cannot say a bad word about it… but somehow there is a bad taste in my mouth…

I don’t know how is going in the other countries, but if we are talking about places where we want to meet with our customers, there are no good choices:

–          1st: small craft fair with ~20-25 designers, no customers at all. Pay for the place!

–          2nd: bigger craft fair with ~60 designers, some customer, high prices!

–          3rd: ’cool’ and known carft fair with ~60 designers, extremely high prices (and they can choose who is accepted to sell there)

–          4th: find a shop, where you can hold your stuff (and you will pay for the place rent, or they will sell your stuff, and you’ll get only a half price or less…)

No good choice, right? I tried to speak with shops’ owners, but no one interested (yet), I have a small place at the most known flea market shop in Budapest, but no selling at all!

So… I was starting to think about opening a ’buy handmade!’ shop… buti f you want to start something, you’ll need a HUGE amount of money!

–          Start with a company creation, hire an accountant, and maybe someone for the shop itself

–          Find a good place for that (high traffic, lot of hotels, tourists, etc…)

–          Pay for rent: 3 months at first, then the monthly fee

–          Renovate the place

–          Buy cabinets, vitrins, desks

–          Buy everything else (cassa, PC, printer, softwares, etc…)

–          Create webpage/facebook page, and start promoting

–          then… wait … wait until your money start to increase …

I know, it’s not easy anywhere, but I really don’t see, how it’s going in other countries. As I see your blogs, and reading your forum topics, lot of the crafters are going to the craft fairs, having shops, etc… Just asking: how do you doing that? Do you have any idea, how to start??


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