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Christmas ornaments

So, as people started to use my shop for Christmas shopping, I have made a lot of new Christmas ornaments. Still, I only have felt creations, but I’ve organized my fabric scraps as well, so more to come!

Here is the list for a beautiful blue and white Christmas tree:






You can make sets with my white ornaments as well, just let me know, which one do you like, and I can make you a custom order 🙂



What colors do you planning to use on your Christmas tree this year?



10 thoughts on “Christmas ornaments

  1. Although I could easily be tempted I’d like to try and pick a palette from the stash I already have. Am thinking silver and red. Just a thought at the moment not sure how well it will sit.

    1. Silver and red will be awesome together. If you have some white too, that would be a good addition too. I don’t have silver thread, but I’ll make some ornaments with gold thread as well!

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