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Felt cats – ornaments again

Hello Guys,


I know… I know … I know I am so bad in writing, but I am working hard on my shop. I’ve got some small sales, and some trade requests as well… so I am working on those. But of course I have made some new things, I’ll show you them all day-by-day.

Let’s start with the cats:

Felt cat ornaments
Felt cat ornament – handmande felt ornaments – Christmas/Housewarming home decor – Baby shower ornaments – eco friendly – Christmas ornament

2 thoughts on “Felt cats – ornaments again

  1. I love your cats! We’ve had two blues, an orange tabby and a calico. Is it possible to do a white cat with a black tail and two black ears and a felt white nose (instead of the white grey combo shown?) I’d need the extra white nose stitched on because I’m going to marker her orange and black face myself and the white stitched nose would stand out more 🙂
    Let me know… I’d also like a brown dog.
    So – two grey, one orange, one brown dog and the calico I described.
    – Karen

    1. Hi Karen,
      sorry for not coming back to you earlier, I did not have time to check my blog. Of course I can make it for you – sometimes I am making ornaments based on photos as well, so just let me know… :))

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