Felt elephant for a baby shower

Hello Guys,


I’ve made some elephant ornaments, and some days ago, someone has asked me if I can make them in grey with yellow heart. Of course I’ve started to work, here are the first ones:

Handmade felt elephant ornament Handmade felt elephant ornament

She choose the light grey one, so I am working on these cuties at the moment…


New felt bracelets…

Hello Guys,


sorry again.. I am not a good writer nowadays… I have a bit less time, but i am not bored at all! I am working on my new items… and on some new color combination!

First of all, I wanted to make some new bracelets, as there are only a few in my shop. And as an addition, I wanted to use some felt scraps – I am always taking the small scraps to ‘recycle’ them. Now, here are the results:

Handmade felt bracelet Handmade felt bracelet Handmade felt bracelet Handmade felt bracelet Handmade felt bracelets


Also, I’ve found some lace at my parent’s house, so I’ve made a test… what do you think?

Handmade felt bracelet with lace


Some throughts

Hello Guys,

so… I thought I will have more time to write, but that’s not so easy. I had some time again to craft… I am working on some claims at the moment (has to work on my sewing machine, so that’s a bit low)… let’s see, what I did in the past few weeks.

First of all, I’ve made a nice black-grey-white felt jewelry set. I really love it, and actually someone fallen in love too, and ordered it: today, I shipped them to USA with another felt set! I hope, she will love it!

Black grey and white hand embroidered felt jewelry set


… then, I decided to follow my journey with the ornaments, and made 2 type of felt critter ornaments:

Hand embroidered felt elephant ornament Hand embroidered felt bird ornament with lace


(Somehow I cannot make good pictures of white felt, so that’s why it looks different, but these are from the same white felt)


And then, I have made some cool wire earrings too with my most beloved black wire and gemstones/swarovski crystals:

Wire wrapped earrings Wire wrapped earrings Wire wrapped earrings Wire wrapped earrings


All of them are in my shop already! 🙂

Sorry for the silence

Hello Guys,


sorry for being silent, I had a lot to do: I’ve got some orders, and I worked hard to make them in time. My hubby always asked me if I hate already my reindeers, but after I made like 40 of them, I still love them:

Felt reindeer ornaments Felt reindeer ornaments


So, I have some time again… 🙂