DIY Project List – August

Hmm… still no big changes… shh… it’s so hard! but nvm, tomorrow, my Etsy Shop is going to be full! …

Finishing my incomplete projects:

  1. the black pants
  2. the brown shirt
  3. finish my white crocheted pullover
  4. I have embroidered a tablecloth, I need some borders on it.
  5. Finish my crocheted hat (before this summer) – already failed lol
  6. Paint the jewelry box for my mother-in-law
  7. Sew a big ‘rug’ for the little one, where he can play
  8. Let’s make a zippered pouch for my crayons – done, but I don’t like it that much, so I didn’t make photos
  9. Sew some pillows for him (denim patchwork) (4/4 done)
  10. Make some letters with felt – with his name – started

Baby projects:

  1. Create a nice a book holder for all of his papers (hospital things, x-rays, etc)
  2. Create 4 baskets for his toys (denim)

New projects:

  1. Make my California scrapbook
  2. Get a place for the clothes, threads, etc… for all my crafting things. Probably it has to be a big bag
  3. Sew myself at least 3 tunics (0/3)
  4. Sew myself a LBD (little black dress)
  5. Sew 3 skirts for myself (0/3)
  6. I want to get at least 20 drawing projects done (1/20)
  7. Post a work on any craft challenge – I am changing it to: Sign for any craft SWAP thing – and it’s done
  8. Cook 20 new recipes (12/20)
  9. Organize my recipes, make an own cookbook
  10. Crochet some flowers, what I can wear
  11. Create a big bedspread for ourself (patchwork/applique)
  12. A crocheted bag for my mother’s mobile –> it was a felt one, but that’s count!
  13. At least 10 reusable grocery bags for me and my family members (0/10)
  14. Laptop case/cover – > created for a swap partner, will post pictures soon
  15. Create some ‘Hungarian style’ necklaces –> it was a felt one, but that’s count!
  16. Write a tutorial
  17. Sew a patchwork/applique style tabletop
  18. Sew some cushions for desk chairs in the weekend house
  19. Make 5 projects from my Burda magazines (1/5)
  20. Make 100 items to my shop – and sell something! (100/100 made, 1/1 sold)
  21. I want to make a family tree for my mom, as she will be 65 years old in this spring! – won’t do because someone just passed! 😦
  22. Let’s make some bracelets from felt as well!  -> wasn’t Hungarian style, but I think, that beautiful flower set has to count here. 🙂 – And’ve made a new one as well 🙂

Christmas presents, and some other projects for Christmas; here are some ideas:

  1. sew some flourish Red-Orange-Yellow-Violet pillows and a blanket for my parents (I think, this will be their 2013 Christmas present)
  2. I have started an embroidered tablecloth for my parents for Christmas – I will do my best to do it in time – I mean, in 2012 –> 2013 then :(
  3. sew a snake for my son
  4. sew a bag for the car to hold the baby toys there (coming as a claim from one of my swap partner)
  5. sew a kitty-style something for my friend, Detty
  6. sew a Sunflower bag for my godmother
  7. sew some toys (probably a dog, or something) for the babies around
  8. Christmas stockings for our-self, and for our friends
  9. create some gift boxes for Christmas, or at least a nice gift wrapping
  10. Create some polimer clay jewelries for family members
  11. Create the dragons for my friends (polymer clay too)
  12. Paint some cups (3/3) –> those were ugly, I didn’t want to post them :(
  13. Make a Christmas tree, or any ornaments. I don’t want to kill any more trees. .( –> 2013 then, decided to make a ‘real Christmas’ to my son!) Ornaments done
  14. Create a quilt project with my friends and followers (if there will be any): make something together.
  15. Create a definitive list for the presents (will upload it here, and track it)

And the bonus: Loose 4 kgs (2/4)

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20% OFF – One more day…

Hey Guys,


This is the last day when the coupon is working in my shop, so don’t miss your chance! 20% off on everything, with coupon code: SUMMERSALE

Handmade felt jewelries
Handmade felt jewelries
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Wire work bracelet – I simply love it!

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the bad quality, but I have to show you this:

handmade wire work bracelet


(I will make a better photo tomorrow…)


So, I’ve got some beautiful gemstone strand from my cousin, who’s making nice bracelets (I’ll show you her works soon!), and I wanted to show her, that I am using the stones well. As I am never making bangles, I wanted to start with that one, and I have to say, I am in love with the result! I definitely will make more of these 🙂

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New swap: felt flower embellishments

Hello Guys,

For this month I have joined for craft swap again, and I have found some felt flowers at one of my friend’s Pinterest wishlist. Here are the original one: I asked her, how to want to use them?

“- I would probably put them into a mobile, like hang them from a hoop and attach the hoop with a cord to hang from a hook, although pin-backs on them would be super to pop one off and wear it.”

She asked me to use fall colors.

So… here are the first cuts:

felt flowers in progress

And here are the finished embellishments:

Felt flower embellishments Felt flower embellishments

I hope, she likes it. 🙂

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All items are uploaded to my shop

Hello Guys,


I am finished some work on my shop: all of my items are uploaded. Most of them are available for buying, but there are a lot (50+), which is waiting for September! 🙂 Drafts are done, and now, I can work on some stitching again. I did not make anything for like 3 days ago!

So, here are some small pictures:

Handmade felt jewelry Handmade felt jewelry Handmade felt jewelry Handmade felt jewelry Handmade felt jewelry Handmade felt jewelry Handmade felt jewelry Handmade felt jewelry Handmade felt jewelry Handmade felt jewelry Handmade felt jewelry Handmade felt jewelry Handmade felt jewelry Handmade felt jewelry


Check them at my shop, the 20% SALE still available!


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Something new in my shop

Hello Guys,

I know, I wrote before, that I’ll upload my new items in September, but I still making some ‘old-style’ jewelries, and I wanted to upload some of them. So, here they are:

Handmade felt earrings Handmade felt jewelry set Handmade felt jewelry set Handmade felt pendant


These are available at my shop.


Oh, and my Poll is still working, please answer me, if you did not do that yet:


Thanks a lot 🙂

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Missed items

Hello Guys,

My mother-in-law always loosing her earrings, so sometimes I have to create something, what I already made. The thing is: if the original item was made in the last year, it’s hard to reproduce: simply because I am making better things now. I bet, you can guess, which one was the original:

Handmade felt earrings

(And of course sometimes, I just don’t have the same fabric, the same beads, etc…)

The other thing, what I have to make her: some matching earrings/pendants/etc. Now, I’ve got back my old pendant to make matching earrings. Here are the results:

handmade felt jewelry set handmade felt earrings


… and for an addition, I’ve made a small sac for her:

handmade felt purse