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And another 2 packages – hexagon quilt magnets

So as I mentioned my yesterday’s post, here are another package, what I’ve sent. I have made almost the same things: hexagon quilt magnets.

The patchwork magnets’ inspiration was came from this pin: http://indulgy.com/post/Jcz9TxiDE1/these-are-just-too-cute-tiny-quilt-magnets

I wanted to try to make hexagon quilts, so here are my creations. Started with these:


Then I made some grouped hexagons: 3 tiles each:



They can be ‘puzzle pieces’ too, as bot of the swappers got 10-10 pieces of these. Meliisa got it with a nice felt pendant:


Teresa got already a felt thing from me, so she got some bees (magnets) from polymer clay:


It was fun to make, I hope they like them 🙂

(For July I wanted to stay far from these swaps, and only applied to a ‘One Item Swap’ thing, I will post those pictures as soon as my partner got her package)



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