DIY project list – July

OMG, I am so bad in these… 😦

Finishing my incomplete projects:

  1. the black pants
  2. the brown shirt
  3. finish my white crocheted pullover
  4. I have embroidered a tablecloth, I need some borders on it.
  5. Finish my crocheted hat (before this summer) – already failed lol
  6. Paint the jewelry box for my mother-in-law
  7. Sew a big ‘rug’ for the little one, where he can play
  8. Let’s make a zippered pouch for my crayons – done, but I don’t like it that much, so I didn’t make photos
  9. Sew some pillows for him (denim patchwork) (4/4 done)
  10. Make some letters with felt – with his name – started

Baby projects:

  1. Create a nice a book holder for all of his papers (hospital things, x-rays, etc)
  2. Create 4 baskets for his toys (denim)

New projects:

  1. Make my California scrapbook
  2. Get a place for the clothes, threads, etc… for all my crafting things. Probably it has to be a big bag –> started
  3. Sew myself at least 3 tunics (0/3)
  4. Sew myself a LBD (little black dress)
  5. Sew 3 skirts for myself (0/3)
  6. I want to get at least 20 drawing projects done (1/20)
  7. Post a work on any craft challenge – I am changing it to: Sign for any craft SWAP thing – and it’s done
  8. Cook 20 new recipes (10/20)
  9. Organize my recipes, make an own cookbook
  10. Crochet some flowers, what I can wear
  11. Create a big bedspread for ourself (patchwork/applique)
  12. A crocheted bag for my mother’s mobile –> it was a felt one, but that’s count!
  13. At least 10 reusable grocery bags for me and my family members (0/10)
  14. Laptop case/cover – > created for a swap partner, will post pictures soon
  15. Create some ‘Hungarian style’ necklaces –> it was a felt one, but that’s count!
  16. Write a tutorial
  17. Sew a patchwork/applique style tabletop
  18. Sew some cushions for desk chairs in the weekend house
  19. Make 5 projects from my Burda magazines (1/5)
  20. Make 100 items to my shop – and sell something! (100/100 made, 1/1 sold)
  21. I want to make a family tree for my mom, as she will be 65 years old in this spring! – won’t do because someone just passed! 😦
  22. Let’s make some bracelets from felt as well!  -> wasn’t Hungarian style, but I think, that beautiful flower set has to count here. 🙂

Christmas presents, and some other projects for Christmas; here are some ideas:

  1. sew some flourish Red-Orange-Yellow-Violet pillows and a blanket for my parents (I think, this will be their 2013 Christmas present)
  2. I have started an embroidered tablecloth for my parents for Christmas – I will do my best to do it in time – I mean, in 2012 –> 2013 then :(
  3. sew a snake for my son
  4. sew a bag for the car to hold the baby toys there (coming as a claim from one of my swap partner)
  5. sew a kitty-style something for my friend, Detty
  6. sew a Sunflower bag for my godmother
  7. sew some toys (probably a dog, or something) for the babies around
  8. Christmas stockings for our-self, and for our friends
  9. create some gift boxes for Christmas, or at least a nice gift wrapping
  10. Create some polimer clay jewelries for family members
  11. Create the dragons for my friends (polymer clay too)
  12. Paint some cups (3/3) –> those were ugly, I didn’t want to post them :(
  13. Make a Christmas tree, or any ornaments. I don’t want to kill any more trees. .( –> 2013 then, decided to make a ‘real Christmas’ to my son!)
  14. Create a quilt project with my friends and followers (if there will be any): make something together.
  15. Create a definitive list for the presents (will upload it here, and track it)

And the bonus: Loose 4 kgs (1/4)

jewelries · Wire jewelries

Wire jewelry – another tries

Hello Guys,

I am following my personal journey to create wire jewelry. I’ve bought some new set of wires, and ordered a HUUUGE amount of stones, beads, etc. (Addictive things again… ). There is one heart shaped pendant what I cannot show you, as one of my husband’d cousin asked it, but here are the others:

These are still not perfect, but I have learned a lot again… 🙂

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One item swap package sent – Felt needle book – Harry Potter issue: LUNA

Hello Guys,

that was one of the hardest swap what I had at all. 🙂 I have got a partner who like a lot of films/cartoons/series, what I don’t know! She made a ling list of things what she would like to get, but I only had few ideas what to do. I knew that she likes Harry Potter, and she likes cartoons, so I have find a cute cartoon drawing of Luna (her favorite character), and started to work on that. Was really hard, but I like the result. Do you?

Felt needle book - Luna 1 Felt needle book - Luna 3 Felt needle book - Luna 4

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And another 2 packages – hexagon quilt magnets

So as I mentioned my yesterday’s post, here are another package, what I’ve sent. I have made almost the same things: hexagon quilt magnets.

The patchwork magnets’ inspiration was came from this pin:

I wanted to try to make hexagon quilts, so here are my creations. Started with these:


Then I made some grouped hexagons: 3 tiles each:



They can be ‘puzzle pieces’ too, as bot of the swappers got 10-10 pieces of these. Meliisa got it with a nice felt pendant:


Teresa got already a felt thing from me, so she got some bees (magnets) from polymer clay:


It was fun to make, I hope they like them 🙂

(For July I wanted to stay far from these swaps, and only applied to a ‘One Item Swap’ thing, I will post those pictures as soon as my partner got her package)


Embroidery · felt · jewelries · swaps

Aaand… another claim – felt needle book

Hello Guys,

I had some time to lay down a bit: we had some vacation. I just read the blogs and forums, and checked if there are anything arrived to my swap partners, but that was it. I did not wanted to write at all. You’ll see, why :-))

Of course I brand a lot of felt and beads, threads etc. to my vacation, and I was attend to a craft fair too, so I did not stop what I am doing all the time –> pictures are coming in the next few days. But first: here are the swap things…

Here are the package what I’ve sent in June: a felt needle book, and a bird pendant:

Handmade felt needle book
Handmade felt needle book
Handmade felt pendant
Handmade felt pendant


Was fun to make :))

Another 2 packages will be reveiled tomorrow 😀

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Another set of denim bracelet

Hello Guys,


I have ordered some resin cabochons, and didn’t know exactly what to do with them. I wanted to try some new stuff, but I didn’t know, what is coming out from those.

I have made some new denim bracelets (you can find my tutorial about that here). If you don’t want to DIY, you can buy mine at my shop.

Handmade denim bracelet
Handmade denim bracelet
Handmade denim bracelet
Handmade denim bracelet
jewelries · Wire jewelries

Wire jewelries

Hello Guys,


I have got some wire earrings a few weeks ago, and I wanted to try to make some by myself. Here are my bad decisions:

– I love black things, so I bought black wires. The bad point is: if I am working with that, it’s became damaged a bit, and the ‘painting’ is falling off

– I did not check the pliers’ size, so I have ordered some seriously small set of those, and it’s so hard to work with those

– I did not check the round cabochons’s size as well, so those are smaller than I wanted. No problem, I can deal with it too…


So, these were the excuses, so I can share some pictures about my first creations.

Here is my very first item, my wire earrings:

Handmade -black - wire earrings
Handmade -black – wire earrings

Then, I have made a pendant:

Handmade -black - wire pendant
Handmade -black – wire pendant

My husband said that it’s okay, but it’s not my style, I can make much better things than this one. It’s not that impressive … so I have started to work on that some hours, and here is the result:

Handmade -black - wire pendant
Handmade -black – wire pendant

Much better, don’t you think? :)))


And finally, I have made another earrings, which is not as good as it could be…

Handmade -black - wire earrings
Handmade -black – wire earrings




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Some new felt earrings with beautiful colors

Hello Guys,


I was away for some days, without real internet connection. Had some rest in the beach, and finally could read a book, and daydreaming. Was really fun. Unfortunately I still not feel that I don’t need more rest, but still… that was a really good weekend! 🙂

During the time, I have made a lot of new earrings. Mainly for the festivals, where that guy will go with my stuff, but I think, I will upload most of them to the shop too. I still have my 20% offer (use coupon code: SUMMERSALE), so, if you need any of them, just click on the buy button 🙂

handmade felt earrings from Grab-a-coffee
handmade felt earrings from Grab-a-coffee
handmade felt earrings from Grab-a-coffee
handmade felt earrings from Grab-a-coffee
handmade felt earrings from Grab-a-coffee
handmade felt earrings from Grab-a-coffee
handmade felt earrings from Grab-a-coffee
handmade felt earrings from Grab-a-coffee
handmade felt earrings from Grab-a-coffee
handmade felt earrings from Grab-a-coffee
handmade felt earrings from Grab-a-coffee
handmade felt earrings from Grab-a-coffee
handmade felt earrings from Grab-a-coffee
handmade felt earrings from Grab-a-coffee