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Home projects with a huge inspiration

Hello Guys,

Last time, when I’ve checked my project list, I realized that there are a lot of items, what I should work on already. One of these is my son’s room. Actually, I hate that room, and as we would like to move to a house soon, we don’t want to pay too much for renovation and furniture. The base shape of this room is silly (have like 8 corners) no windows, only at the top (our flat is a studio-apartement, so our main windows are at the ceiling). It’s a bit cold…

The first thing what I have to do, is to throw out a bookcase (to the anteroom, or just trash it, did not decided yet). Then I hope, we will trash soon our changing table as well, that can be put off from the other bookcase – that bookcase contains 4 plastic boxes with all of his toys. That has to be changed as well, my son always spilling his toys out. … Then, we have some space.


So, first of all, he needs a new bed. But… with the small spaces and silly corners, we cannot buy an ‘ikea’, or any other type of bed, and we don’t want to pay too much for it. So, here is the deal:

He will get 3 big pillows (same size, from jeans fabric ofc):

During the day, we can use them separately, but for the night, they will collapse to one longer bed (between the walls, then it cannot slip).

Then… I have to create some pillows – we have a lot of pillows already, but all of them are different sizes, different fabrics, different colors. Most of them are too old for a kid’s room. I have to renew then. There are a lot of ideas on Pinterest, here are some ideas:
















… some letters will be created too:


… these were, which can be imagined in my son’s room. Let’s see some other inspiration for those, who want to create (or buy) something more… ehm … difficult? 🙂












… simply awesome! 🙂

Then I have to make some simple boxes, where he can put his toys:










… that’s all for today. If it wasn’t enough for you, tomorrow, I’ll put up some fantastic inspirational pictures, what can you do with your old – recycled – jeans! Let’s go, and sew something!



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