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Craft Swaps

Hello Guys,


so, you might seen on my project list, that I’ve changed something: I wanted to create something for a craft challenge, but I am always looking for those, and there are no such a thing what I can create at all. So I wanted to change it. I was always interested in swap things – and I had it in my mind, that I might will not be able to finish everything on my list, so I’ve made a wish list, which contains some projects from my own list.

Then, I was signed for a ‘Pinterest craft swap’ in Craftster. I was a bit late, it ran like 2 weeks ago, but the team was so friendly, and at the end, we had 9 people who joined. I’ve made some felt birds for someone, a felt pincusion, some crocheted squeres, a jeans bracelet, and ofc. some felt jewelry as surprises. 🙂 Made 2 packs already, those are still flying over there, so I cannot post pictures about that yet, but as soon as they get it, I will upload my creations. And, ofc, I’ll upload the creations of those people, who makes me something special too. I cannot wait for those.

Oh, and I’m signed for an ATC swap too at http://veryberryhandmade.co.uk/, I’ve never made any of those cards, so I am so excited. Will inform you the details soon :)))


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