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A craft fair

It’s my son’s birthday, but I won’t write anything about that, until ‘the day is in progress’. I’ll upload pictures, and info (with some crafty details .)) at night. 🙂

But … I have something to discuss, because I KNOW, that in other countries, people do it better… lets start it.


So, it’s spring, nearly summer here. That means, there are a lot ‘handmade festivals’, or craft fairs. There are some bigger ones, where you have to pay a lot of money to get a small table in a good place, others are free, or needed less money. We tried to start with an ‘almost free’ one. And that was a forgettable one…

So… it was in the downtown, not a beehive, but it’s close to several points of interest :-). It started at 13:00, the crafters are still packed out. Then, they started to chat with each others, and look after the other’s table. That was almost all people, who was there. There were no visitors, no tourists, no one. (Today, some rumors has came that they failed with the dates: they announced wrong date to the customers…). I don’t know, but something went wrong.

Never-mind, we had some good time with Bea, here are some pictures:


We cannot do better marketing instead of them (however I would do much better :)), and I don’t want to invite my friends to a bad place. So, forget this part. Buuut, you can see our installation, how do you like it? What do you think, what can we do better? (which can be doable by us, and doesn’t need bank robbery :)) We are thinking about this:

Do you like it?


Oh, and almost forgot: We have up and running our Facebook page, you can check it here:

(I am more polite over there)


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