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Another set of felt jewelry

Hello Guys,

I don’t have much time nowadays, as my son will be 2 years old in no time, so I have to be prepared for that! I am making small scrapbook albums for the grandparents, making some decoration for the home, and have to make some gift for him as well. I have ideas, and I bought something already, but it’s always more fun to create something with your hand! Will not show you anything from these before 1st of May (his birthday), so I had to create some new jewelry to have something to write hehe 🙂

Here is a small set of those:

CameraZOOM-20130407083003290 CameraZOOM-20130407083025527 CameraZOOM-20130407083125416 CameraZOOM-20130407083158042


(The pictures are not the best, will try to make better photos to the shop!)


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