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A new friend, and some plans

Hey Guys,

With these Etsy groups around my online shop, I’ve met with a lot of people. Some of them are friendly, and we can help each other. I’ve met with a crafter from there, she is making beautiful jewelry, and I’ve bought something as a wedding gift for someone. We started to talk about our problems with our shops, etc., and the ideas just started to come! First of all:

– I have newer tried to go to any Craft Fair. In Hungary, I don’t even know if there is many or few, but mostly, you are only hearing about one of them: the biggest one, where all the “cool stylists, designers, etc.” are showing their stuffs… they are curating, who can be there, and who is not allowed, so… I just didn’t think about that. But now, I am so inspired of those. Bea (the other crafter) went to a Christmas fair last year, and she was so excited about that, so she started to dig out some places. Now, we have our first plan together: we are going to deal with this new thing together. 🙂

– With that, a lot of new ideas came: if we are going to a craft fair, we should have some business cards – maybe together, with some percent off coupon codes, etc…

– Then… we should create a Facebook page with our beloved jewelry – we are doing different things, and will get 2-3 more artists to create something AWESOME together… – A third jewelry maker just joined to us.. 🙂

… so … I am so inspired, we have a lot of ideas, and ofc., we have to work a lot on these things, but finally, we can be cheerful if some of us is successful! 🙂

Here is some beautiful jewelry she makes – I bet, you’ll get more info about our plans soon… 🙂

Horse hair jewelry
Horse hair jewelry
Horse hair jewelry
Horse hair jewelry
Handpainted WOOD bracelet
Handpainted WOOD bracelet
AROUND the world-Venice-handpainted WOOD bracelet
AROUND the world-Venice-handpainted WOOD bracelet

(Click on the pictures of further details)



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