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Busy days…

Hello Guys,

I have a lot to do nowadays, and I had to collect my creative sets, and put it to a dark room. This is the only way to rethink my life, and concentrate on important things. There were a lot changes in my workplace, I had to fight a bit… and it’s not over yet. I am working from home (mainly administration and marketing stuffs), and i’s always hard to try keep in people’s mind who actually doesn’t see you day-by-day. I am at home – in maternity leave – for almost 2 years, and there are a lot of new people who I work with, but we never met.  I have made a presentation today, and tomorrow will be the big day: will see if I still have my place over there… Have to travel to the office (have to leave behind my son with my father), and meet with my ‘big boss’. I have hard feelings, my heart is beating in my stomach… hope it ends soon…

Now, I had to grab some felt, and make something to clear my mind a bit… Here is what I’ve made: a grey-purple felt brooch.

Handmade felt brooch
Handmade felt brooch

Tomorrow, I’ll be a bit wiser…


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