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1st drawing this year (and in this blog :))

Hello Guys,

just checked my list, and updated it yesterday, and I have to say, I won’t finish if I only make my jewelries. With in my mind the feeling that I should finish my older projects, I decided to start drawing something. Generally because in Craftser, I’ve found a swap thread where members should make some embroidery with an “unexpected” thing attached. I was thinking about some felt + embroidery picture. Unfortunately I cannot join to that scrap thread (I am not a member for 1 month there, did not participated a thing like that yet, etc.), so I just drawn my thoughts out. 10 drawings are on my list, so here is the first one.

I am posting the pictures step-by-step to show you, how am I DAMAGED my own drawings 🙂

So, here is the 1st stage, where I was draw that down:

Then, I have used a black marker to see the lines:


Here is my first mistake: started with the sun, then went down, etc… so it wasn’t dry, and I blur the line. Like this:


Then, here are the colors. I am not sure if I choose the right ones… maybe if I make an embroidery with this template, I’ll use separate colors.


So… that’s it. My first one this year. 9 more to come.. 😀



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