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Denim projects – some inspiration for you guys

After I am looking for some ideas for my denim project, I’ve collected a lot of pictures from the internet. Ohmy, if I have more time…

Here are some useful stuff, if you are looking for some inspiration.

First of all, tutorial about how do you want to cut up your old jeans for a lot of DIY projects: 

… and here is a denim dress, what you can make, if you want: 

Recycle Denim dress
Recycle Denim dress

And for a real inspiration, here is a russian (?) contest site, where people made a lot of awesome stuffs with their old jeans: (a-we-some! really!)

Buut… if you would like to try a bit easier project, here are some inspiration:

Denim patchwork quilts:

A beautiful denim quilt

Nice work here – denim quilt

awesome – and easy design – denim quilt

Another denim quilt

and another denim quilt

Bags and pursues:


A cool one

denim pouch with zippers

A cute 2-side jeans bag

… with little dogs

A cool denim bag

A small handbag

A beautiful small bags with applique

an easy one 🙂
A useful denim bag with lots of pockets
And my favourite – a really cool denim tote

Pillows and poufs:

denim pouf with tutorial

A simple pillow

 A cool idea from Nordstorm

A simple recycled jeans pillow

And one for the pets 🙂

Other ideas to use denim scraps:

A denim bracelet
Denim pocket potholders
One tip for clothes

A blue jean denim wreath

A crazy denim box

And where am I now with my denim project? … I have some jeans cutted, some strings already measured and cutted for my blanket, but still… I would like to break my rules first (!), and create a quick sewing/crafting case for myself to hold my crafting supplies together (in a no-accessable place for my son!) Then, I can start working… but during that time, all of the jeans scraps are made for my projects on my list! 🙂

So, are you inspired? 🙂


3 thoughts on “Denim projects – some inspiration for you guys

  1. I am SO inspired by your collection of ideas here – thank you so much 🙂

    I have so many pairs of jeans waiting for upcycling – and I thought they were all going to become a rug… now I have plans for the pockets too!! AWESOME! x

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