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My beautiful brown-orange felt jewelry set

Hi all,

I am always wearing black, grey or brown things, and in this summer, I really wanted to make a change. As a mom, I don’t want to be the “black lady” for my son’s friends, so I decided to buy some colorful clothes. But my former love in those colors are still alive: I worked on a brown set. Now, I think, I can say, I am finished my brown-orange collection. As soon as those are made, my mom and my cousin has asked me to make some for them too, so i think, I’ve made a pretty good job! I am so excited to publish the pictures here, I am wondering, how do you guys love them. I do! I really do! I can say, I am so proud now for this collection! 😡

So, let’s check the pictures!

All of them are available in my shop, you can buy them one-by-one, or you can choose a set (some example on the photos!). Let me know, if you have special asks!


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