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Some small throughts

I don’t have much time nowadays to write – first of all I am making a lot of jewelries and other things in my spare time to be ready for Christmas. It’s hard as I only have some crafting materials here – far from home. I wanted to check a store here, my friends recommended Jo-ann’sstore, that was a brilliant idea. Here is what I’ve got:

craft supplies
craft supplies

So, I have everything now, to make some new stuffs. One of my friend has asked me if I can make smaller pendants and earrings for her? Of course I could:

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YAY! We are travelling to USA!

… how to be creative then? … My husband will have to work in Seattle for 5 weeks, and we decided to move with him to stay together. My son is learning a lot in every day, and his dad don’t want to miss a thing… But how to reach my creative goals?!

I have put some felt, some beads, etc to my bags, and checked my christmas list: what can I create there? I still have a lot of ideas as gifts, and I want to „renovate” my Etsy shop as well (I have closed it to November – December), and make some new shiny things. (Okay, the other half of this thing is: I don’t know if I will have time for that, as there will be no grandparents to help there! … We will see…)

So, it will be a long journey, I’ll post my new creations – if there will be any – here.

Christmas · gifts · projects

Christmas list

So… I wanted to make a short list, what I have to do until Christmas. First of all, I would like to make a lot of handmade gifts, here are my throughts:

– a mobile case for my mom

– for my cousin’s baby, I would like to sew his name from felt with some cars, etc.,

– some new jewelries (felt and polimer clay also)

– some bookmarks

– a jewelry box for my mother-in-law, and some jewelry inside

– polimer clay dragoons


Now, it’s tome to showoff! 🙂