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My shop: felt creations, and some more

I don’t know where should I start.. so here is a small story about me, and my craftiness. 🙂

Some months ago, I went to a workshop, where I could paint porcelain things, and on the other table, people made some beautiful jewelries from fabric and felt. I wondered, if I can try that at home, so I gave it a try. I had only 3 or 4 types of colors, but I have started to imagine something, then I’ve created it. Here is the result:
Teardrops - felt earrings

Hmm.. was a good idea, but I can say, this is not my best work. 🙂 I have started to buy fabric, colorful beads, seashells and glass things, yarns. The ideas just came, and I have to say, that my creations are getting better – my friends and family members are wearing my jewelries – and me of course. 🙂

I am not sure, if my jewelries are good enough to sell, but I have created an Etsy shop to show my work. Some people favourited my items, some of them has favourited the whole shop, but there are no selling still (I am a member for like 5-6 months). Now, I think the whole family is wearing my jewelries, but that’s all right. 🙂

Here are some colorful creations:


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